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Share Your Story.

Start Gaining More Peace.

Therapy Services for Individuals and Families in

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Do Any of the Following Resonate With You?​

  • You are an adolescent struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression related to school, home, or relationship stress.

  • You are a young adult dealing with the transitions of life involving school, career, or relationships.

  • You are a parent having a tough time dealing with the demands of parenthood, including the adjustment to becoming a parent, supporting teenagers, or dealing with an empty nest.

  • Your relationships have become strained or unfulfilling.

  • It is hard to express yourself, your needs, or create boundaries within your relationships.

  • You feel pressure to be perfect or find yourself criticizing yourself often.

  • Your life is missing meaning, or you question who you are and/or where you are going in life, including from professional, relationship, or spiritual standpoints.

If So, Therapy Can Help.

Hi. I'm Nicole Fix.

I help individuals and families with therapy services here in Grand Rapids. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, working together could help you with gaining more peace. I want to hear your story.

I have been described as nonjudgmental, empathic, and supportive as a therapist. I believe in your ability to heal and offer a safe space to work on your growth. I have yet to hear a story that is not worthy of being told.

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